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Zephyr International Ltd.

Zephyr International Ltd. is based in Hong Kong, one of the premier financial cities in Asia. Its primary business is the import and export of footwear, food products, and environmental protection equipment. Although newly established, Zephyr's corporate parent, Delta King, has been doing business in Hong Kong for over a decade and is well established in the USA as well as China and Hong Kong. Leveraging the support of Delta King Enterprise and its manufacturing affiliates, Zephyr International is well positioned to provide its customers the best value in the business.

Zephyr Defined:

A zephyr is defined as a breeze from the west or a gentle breeze and is derived from Zephyros, the Greek god of the west wind. Zephyr is not only the name of our company but a philosophy and symbol of our commitment to our customers.

Contact Us:

Zephyr International Ltd.
Flat A, 4/F., Wai Ming comm. Bldg.,
757 Nathan Rd., Kowloon
Hong Kong.
Tel: +852 2686 9089 Fax: +852 2682 9926

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