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Air pollution has been a major problem in the Pearl River Delta region in southern China for quite some time. One of the chief sources of this pollution is the increasing use of automobiles in the area. Even with today’s cleaner burning fuels and fuel efficient automobiles, there is the matter of the older cars in service that pollute at a higher rate than that of today’s cars. In addition, fuel deposits will build-up over time even in today’s newer cars. The problem is compounded by the high density of vehicles in the region. The fuel injector cleaning system by ICSI can help reduce the emissions of the vehicles on the road. Not only is the cleaning system beneficial to the environment, it benefits the car owner since it also increases the fuel economy and performance of the vehicle.

Before and After:

The pictures below reveal the differences between the intake valves and fuel spray after using the Diesel Injector Cleaner.

Fuel Injector Cleaning System:

The Fuel Injector Cleaning System is available for both gas/petrol engines and for diesel engines. The system can be used for all types of vehicles. For the best performance, please use only authorized cleaning solvents.

Model GE-1000: The Injector Cleaner for gas engines can be used with the Engine Clean Technology’s authorized cleaning solvent G-103.

Model DE-1000: The Injector Cleaner for diesel fuel engines can be used with the Engine Clean Technology’s authorized cleaning solvent D-105.


• Better Fuel Economy: Real world tests have shown that after just one application of the fuel injector cleaning system, fuel economy improve 5-15%. Car owners will see cost benefits with fewer trips to the fuel station.

• Lower emissions: The fuel injector cleaning system has been independently shown to decrease emissions by 15-60%. Fewer emissions mean we can all breath easier.

• Improved performance: Drivers report an increase in horsepower in the neighborhood of 15-45%. The fuel injector cleaning system will “inject” new life into your automobile, restoring drivability.

• Safe and Effective: The fuel injector system does not require any special modification to the vehicle. However, the procedure should be done by a fully trained technician.


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