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Panyu Sunshine Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Inc.

Panyu Sunshine Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Inc. is positioned to provide China with environmental protection solutions for today and tomorrow. Located in Xinken, the future Panyu Sunshine Environmental project will be a showcase for our environmental solutions for China. (On the right is the map of the future Panyu Sunshine Environmental Protection Park)

Xinken Overview:

Xinken is a town situated on the Pearl River Delta at the southernmost point of Panyu. It is 18 km west of Humen Bridge and Nansha Port, 22 km east of Zhongshan Port, 52km south of Guangzhou, and 28 nautical miles northwest of Hong Kong and northeast of Macau. Xinken is well situated for both aquatic and land transportation.

Xinken’s climate is subtropical with oceanic monsoon. The weather is characterized by the warmer winter and cooler summer. The average annual temperature is 21.8° C (71.24° F), and rainfall is 1635.5 mm (61.3 in.) with 80% humidity.

Agricultural and Fishing:
Agricultural products from Xinken include rhizomes of lotus (native to Xinken), bananas, mangos, litchis, and longans. The area is also abundant in fish, shrimp, and crab. Commonly found species include eel, hilsa herring, tongue sole, black carp, silver carp and bighead.

Xinken, surrounded by Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhongshan, Shunde and Zhuhai, all highly developed cities in the Pearl River Delta, has extremely accessible ground transportation. With the GSZ (Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Zhuhai) Expressway and the East GZ (Guangzho-zhuhai) Highway, transportation to these cities only takes about an hour.

Hong Kong and Macau are only 28 nautical miles away with Shenzhen and Zhuhai even closer. Xinken is close to the Nansha and Lotus Mountain ferry port. A ferry ride to Hong Kong only takes 80 minutes. Freight shipping is even more convenient with the local freight port. Built in the town’s industrial zone, Xinken’s freight port is able to sail directly to Hong Kong.

Electricity is supplied via Xinken’s connection to the provincial power network. In addition, several local power plants supply power to the town as well. Water is also plentiful. The waterworks built on the Shawan River is able to supply Xinken with 30,000 cubic meters of water daily.

Xinken supports most forms of modern communication including telephone, fax, cellular, paging, and internet.

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