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Delta King Enterprise

Delta King Enterprise has always met the needs of its customers by providing the very best in goods and services. We are no stranger to market trends either and are continually trying to find the best value for our customers. Due to China’s incredible manufacturing cost advantage, it was quite natural for us to expand our trading operation over in the mainland. Not only is China a huge opportunity for customers in the USA, but it is also a huge market for goods and services from abroad. In fact, Delta King had its start in China in exporting products there. We are fully committed to Sino-American commerce; since there’s a lot of prospect for both sides of the Pacific for many years to come.

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Delta King Enterprise
92 17th Ave.,
San Mateo, CA 94070
Tel: (650) 573-1281 Fax: (650) 573-0281
Email: info@dkent.com

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