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China Environmental Protection Investment Co. Ltd.

As China continues its rapid expansion, it is increasingly aware of a need to dispose of the waste that accompanies the growth. Traditional methods of creating landfills cannot be the long term solution since it will lead to environmental problems that may cost more in the long run. A better solution would involve recycling as much of the waste as possible, converting the organic matter into usable compost, and incinerating whatever is left over. This solution will reduce the size of the landfill and produce products that would otherwise end up as wastes in a landfill.

Waste Management:
Plastics, glass, and cardboard can all be separated and recycled in addition to metals such as aluminum, steel and tin. Quickly recover your investment in the form of resalable raw material.

Composting is the natural method of breaking down biodegradable material into soil or compost that is non-toxic and odor free. The compost can be then used for the landscaping and agricultural industry or be sold.

The remaining non-recyclable wastes can be incinerated to conserve valuable landfill space.

  • Reduces landfill needs
  • Recyclables can be turned into new products or sold
  • Compost can be used or sold
  • Environmental problems and nuisances associated with landfill minimized
Wildcat Materials Recovery Facility System:
  • American engineered and built machinery
  • Turn-key solution
  • Low operating costs
  • Higher production
  • Easy to operate
  • Durable construction


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